Saturday, August 09, 2014

2 Weeks ....

Well, its been 2 weeks since my girls have gone to Florida with their dad.    2 weeks with me and three little guys.  This has been fun, but having 5 kids out there and only 3 left has been making me think a lot about the future. 

I am LOVING spending time with these boys!!!  They are soooo funny and sweet and cuddly and boyish!  However, having only 3 in the house seems so quiet and empty.  There are no more toddlers who need constant care... no one left to teach how to read (this is a good thing!!)...  less work for me to do.   Less laundry with no girls around too!!

I'm realizing a huge part of my job of the past 20 years is now history... the future with the fab 5 left at home can't be more traumatic than the first three (who I love like blazes even though it hasn't always been easy!). 

I have known for awhile that changes were coming.  Inside has been growing and changing and its time to make the changes outside.  These changes are happening bit by bit.  The ground work is being laid, feelers going out...   its happening.


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Hazel Moon said...

We are empty nesters (except for our two dogs) and although we enjoy visits we are content to allow God to grant us these pleasant days.

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